Guest Post: You're Never Fully Dressed Without Your Confidence

Finding a way to let true beauty shine is easier than you might think. The best way to show the world the true beauty inside you is to wear your confidence as an accessory with every outfit. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman comfortable in her own skin. Wearing clothing that makes you feel pretty allows you express who you are inside—and this is the key to letting your natural beauty shine through.

 Be sure to grab a maxi dress this summer season! These elegant dresses are very popular right now and won't break the bank. They can be worn on the beach, out to dinner, shopping, or anything you want. Even though they can be elegant, they are just casual enough to be used for any occasion while still making women feel beautiful. This is one hot red carpet style that will last you the entire day without having to change regardless of the events occurring.

Women's shoes are another great way to feel confident. Wedges and heels always make a woman feel poised no matter where she goes. Shoes are designed to empower and emphasize a woman's most beautiful assets. Heels make women stand straighter, walk more confidently, and most importantly, make them feel beautiful. When a woman feels confident and beautiful, she will appear to be exactly that. The most attractive people are sure of themselves and aren't afraid to show themselves to the world.

Speaking of being sure of you, natural-looking makeup is very important to being confident and beautiful. The art of barely there makeup will keep you look cool, chic, and worry free this summer! Protection from the sun is always important as well, so a lightweight, tinted moisturizer with SPF in it will help you achieve your natural look, while still stayed protected.  

Being beautiful is not about appearing to be a supermodel; beauty is about being your stylistic self! It is about showing your inner beauty through clothing and accessories that express who you are. The best way to show your inner beauty is to wear clothing that suits your personality, wearing shoes that make you feel confident, using natural-looking makeup, and always remembering to smile knowing that you are beautiful will prove to the world that you are as well.

-Anya Sarre


Jennifer said…
Aw, I liked this a lot. :)
April Bogus said…
Thanks so much for commenting, I'm hoping to have many more guest posts in the future, what an amazing one to start with, though ! Gotta love a great celebrity stylist like Anya !
betty baez said…
i love maxi dresses i have a few, wedges and heels definitely make you feel confident

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