Don't Break My Twiheart !

Ok, ok, I must admit. I have never seen any of the Twilight movies all the way through. I have actually only watched about 40 minutes of the first movie, and that was very recently. 

It's not like I have anything innately against these movies, in fact what I've seen of them, I really kinda got into. I just haven't sought out the franchise because I've been inundated with it for years now and that alone kinda turned me off. I try not to judge the material it's self, since obviously I have never consumed it myself. 

That being said, I have heard about the Kristen & Rob situation, just the same as all of you. 

My BFF is a true Twihard, so since she was coming over to hang out, I thought I would vlog her reaction to the Rupert & Kristen statements & discuss the issue at hand. 

What do you think about this ?


betty baez said…
I honestly think cheaters shouldnt have an excuse if people feel the need to stray from a relationship they should have the decency to tell they're partner that they are unhappy. Im not a twilight fan i couldnt make it through any of the movies because i dislike kristen stewarts lack of emotion and monotone characteristics, i watched the hunstman when it came out and i thought she ruined the movie for me i enjoyed charlize theron (sp?)....some people are saying that this whole affair thing is a publicity stunt, but i honestly think otherwise why would someone do that???? i cant imagine how his wife feels.
Joslin Williams said…
Ugh I don't like that chick. She annoys me with her blank stares and horrible acting skills. She keeps saying it was a lapse in judgement. I'm pretty sure you don't go from platonic work friend to molesting each other in one moment. I hope the wife and her boyfriend wipe their hands clean of these two cheaters.

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