A Very Surprising Summer.

Sorry for the lack of updates. There's been quite a lot going on around here in the days I've been away. 

I ordered, received & have been practicing my new Ukulele. 

Currently, I'm learning the C & G7 chords while practicing Row, Row, Row Your Boat. 
So far I think I'm doing pretty well ! I picked up some picks at Guitar Center & it's definitely easier to strum with those, so yay ! 

Another HUGE thing that's happened, is I had the pleasure of escorting Mom to Caldwell, Tx to pick up a new 2 1/2 old puppy she named Lyric Daisy. 

She was turned over to a vet in Caldwell by her owners who mentioned that she was a mix of Dachshund and Terrier of some type. Everyone keeps asking if she has any Beagle in her, but the vet didn't think so & I think everyone mainly thinks that because of her coloring. 

She and Sailor are getting along extremely well, he treats her like his little sister. She loves walking up to him and taking his chew bones right out of his mouth. He makes no sound, isn't aggressive to her at all, just looks at her like "Man! I was using that!". 

What exciting things do you have going on this summer ? 

7/29 Update**
I bought a felted Ukulele pick, but I hate it. Anyway, here's me trying it out for the 1st time.


Rebecca J said…
So So cute!! You are going to do a You Tube video of yourself playing the ukulele right??? ;)
April Bogus said…
I actually DID, so funny you ask! I'm going to add it to the post right now. I look horrid in the video, but I think you will like it anyway ;)
theladya said…
That puppy is beyond adorable!
betty baez said…
i think it sounds great, very neat i wish i could learn to play....i remember learning how to play the guitar in highschool i always got scolded for using my thumb instead of my index finger but to me it just feels awkward.....puppy is adorable!!!
April Bogus said…
I tried to use my index finger, but it kept like, dragging the strings ? I got a package of picks & used the thinnest one & it's MUCH easier for me that way. If you played guitar, I bet you could pick up ukulele FAST !
Cas said…
That puppy is so freaking cute!
The doggy is soooo freaking cute..... :-) my plans this summer. Going to california to visit fam and friends.
Too cute!

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