Review - BB's Burgers and More

BB's Burgers and More 

1615 Grand Ave. Parkway 
Pflugerville, TX 78660
(512) 990-3700

She Said...

Since we noticed the sign up for BB's a couple of months ago, we've been waiting with baited breath to try this Burger joint out.

I liked their decor - very minimalist. You walk in to clean walls, tons of tables, an open grill to the right. This place reminds me of an old fashioned burger place. Straightforward, no unneeded frills.

I ordered a hamburger with mustard & pickles only, fries & a drink.

Although they initially got my burger wrong, putting American cheese on it instead of mustard, the problem was quickly (within 30 seconds) rectified & I was back off to my table to enjoy my lunch.

I really liked the flavor to this burger. I mean yes, it was juicy, the bun was toasted which is always a plus, but the main thing I noticed about my burger was that I could taste the salt & pepper seasoning. It wasn't overwhelming, but I did get a good taste with every bite of my burger.

I also really liked their hand cut fries at BB's. They bring them to you with no seasoning, so you'll need to add your own salt & pepper to those, but they were exactly what you'd expect from hand cut fries. A great taste, not soggy but soft & the occasional crunchy one.

They didn't keep salt & pepper at the tables, which is one thing I would have expected & would like to see in the future. However, every table had a bottle of ketchup for easy use. I didn't much care for the ketchup they use at first, as it reminded me of the kind you use when you're a kid in the school cafeteria. After a few bites I got used to it and actually liked it.

Overall, I thought this place was great. BB's is comparable price wise to other local burger places.

I'd definitely suggest BB's Burgers & More to anyone visiting the North Austin area.

- April


He Said...

We were so happy to see that BB's finally opened. It's been weeks since we first noticed the place and the anticipation was begging to wear us out. The wait was worth it, however. BB's was a pleasant surprise.

The interior was pretty bare, with most space being occupied by two and four seat tables. In addition to that, there is a bar and viewing area where you can watch the guys work the grill. The colors and fixtures are definitely modern, with an eye to the past - especially the classic burger joints of yesteryear.

The service at BB's was great. We were quickly greeted when we entered and our food was being prepared within a few minutes of ordering. And even though April's order initially came out wrong, the staff were quick to fix the error. Hopefully this improves in the future, as I watched three other patrons bring burgers up  to the counter with similar problems. I guess we can chalk the up to growing pains from just starting out.

I really liked the simple menu. Few options are available, and they are broken down into the sandwich, side and drink categories. This let's the crew concentrate on perfecting what they have instead of serving something sub-par from and exhaustive menu. Besides burgers, the other sandwich items are chicken (grilled and breaded) and crabcakes. Baked potatoes are available in lieu of french fries.

I got a regular hamburger, all the way (at BB's all the way includes lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mustard and mayo). The patty was seasoned with salt and pepper and the bun was dense and toasted. It did a great job of soaking the juices from the burger and leaving your hands dry too. It also had a nice, subtle sweetness that complemented the savory side of the burger itself.

On the side an order of french fries completed the meal, along with a Dr. Pepper. I liked that the fries were served plain, as I prefer to season to taste. Hand cut, they were cooked nicely and didn't suffer from the sogginess that so often befalls this style of fry (looking at you, Five Guys). The portion was fair to the cost.

Overall, I think this place is great and would quickly recommend it to anyone in the North Austin area. I will definitely eat there again!


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