I'm A Thousandair, Y'all !

A few weeks ago, I happened into a very lovely little Twitter Party being hosted by iVillage & wouldn't you know it - I had a ton of fun & even ended up winning the grand prize, which was a $1000 AmEx gift card. 

"Score!" Is of course, what you're thinking. And yes, there is a ton I could do with this money. 

Like: pay off old hospital bills, get Malibu Stacey Deuce worked on, make a huge payment on Hubs' credit card. 

But no

If you actually thought I would do any of that with this money - you clearly don't know me very well.

I DO want to spend this money - mainly on myself. Yes, selfish a bit. Then again it is free money that I won & I never get to spend money on myself & not feel guilty for it. 
I don't need to justify my spending habits to you !

See? I have my reasons ! Hubs supports me in my choice to spend this cash however I see fit, but I did want to buy him at least one cool thing. His request was a new XBOX controller (a man of simple needs), so I paid for the one he wanted & he's as happy as a clam. I also got myself a few little outfits - because let's be honest - I NEED some new clothes. Seriously. Like for real real.

So here's what I am thinking about spending the rest of the $800 on: 

  1. A new tattoo
  2. A Kindle Fire
  3. More clothes
  4. A new pink (or similarly girly) cruiser bike 
  5. A super good camera (this would be nice for blogging & memories too)
  6. A 14kt gold James Avery pinky ring - cause pinky rings rock.
Or I could rescue 10 more puppies & give them a good home ! 

And here's where YOU all come in - I'd like to know, just for fun.

 What would YOU spend the $800 left on ? 

(This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed.)


rockgirl08 said…
Okay, let me know if this works...it made me create a blog to be able to post comments. If I had the $800 I would take a very short vacation! But for you, I think you should get a tattoo (cause they are forever, well spent money), buy a Kindle Fire (but check and see if they are coming out with a newer version first, and wait for it if they are) and lastly use the rest to rescue a pet!
Donna D said…
I would get a new tattoo, maybe buy some things for my pets. Congrats on the win!!!
LipGlossGossip said…
Wow congrats on winning! I would spend it all on a bag! :D
Araceli said…
I would spend it on a tattoo , my kitties and lots of crafting tools :-)
Cas said…
I love the idea of rewarding yourself with a little fun! I'd do a tattoo, a Kindle (I want one like crazy), and donate a little to animals. I'd save the rest for the bike (I want one of these too)!
April Bogus said…
Okay - I've thought a lot about it & feel closer to my choice. I THINK I want a new camera - something better than my current 12MP one & a 14kt James Avery pinky ring. Cause hey - I deserve something nice, right ?
Atley said…
So sad, but had i the 800 to spend i would put in on my bills. Ha ha, yeah
school or credit card bills. Boring, i know.
April Bogus said…
I think this would be the MOST responsible thing to do, which is good!

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