H2O Music Fest Hosted By MiO & Univision !

Had such a blasts at MiO & Univision's H2O Music Fest in Dallas yesterday. 

Saw all of the artists I wanted to see, drank a TON of Mio - I think Black Cherry & Lemonade may just be my two new faves ! 

This blog post shall be short on words, as I am a cooked little lobster girl who's very tired after a 6 hour road trip & 7 hours at the H2O Music Fest yesterday. 

So instead, you get a tons of pics ! Whooo !! 

Oh yeah & a couple of videos - lucky you ! 

It'll be like you were there with me, hanging out in the hot Texas Sun & drinking lots of water with yummy MiO !

Heading to H2O Music Fest from Austin to Dallas.

The Go Pro, Hero 2 Camera Mio sent me to use to document my day !
MiO had this awesome photo booth where you could use props for the photos & they printed the pics & you could post them online w/ cool iPads they had set up. It was amazing lol.

Relaxing in the VIP tent soon after I got there. Free drinks, free food, LOTS of MiO & comfy couches to sit on!

Another view of the VIP lounge - that couch is where I was sitting in the last pic. Notice all the yummy free MiO ? Yeah, they know how to treat a VIP right. Thanks guys !
VIP Tent, Field Viewing Area & the H2O stage!
VIP viewing area gettin' full!
Sittin' at the MiO Watering Hole enjoying a yummy mix of Black Cherry & Lemonade MiO - YUMMY!
Gym Class Heroes playing on the H2O Music Fest Stage !

Thanks so much to Kraft Foods & MiO for sending me to the H2O Music Fest.
 I truly had a blast & will never forget it.


theladya said…
Looks like you had a wonderful time. I've never tried MiO but I think I'm going to have to now.
Susan said…
Hi new follower here (Thanks to your mom)
My son likes Mio...How did you get them to sponsor you to such an event??? and give you that awesome camera??

Just for your info...(hubs is postal worker over 35 years, I was one)

you can use Delivery confirmation can be used on first class mail that is 3/4" or thicker. Therefore giving you and the receiver a tracking number.

Once a package is 13 oz. or over it can no longer be first class, it then has to be priority. You can use delivery confirmation on any priority package.

Hope that helps :)

PS...PLEASE switch from word verification to comment moderation, not only is it more visitor friendly, BUT...
sight impaired people will NOT be able to comment, as their "readers" can not read "code" it doesn't recognize it as words and won't read it for the person.
Susan said…
Do you have a blog button?
April Bogus said…
I took off the Word Verification for people wanting to comment. I will still moderate them, as I do get some spam comments here & there. Hope this helps ! P.S. MiO is wonderful, even my diabetic mom can use it & LOVES it!
April Bogus said…
Hi Susan, if you'd like to email me, I can send you my blog button image & link ! Also, MiO contacted me to go to the H2O Music Fest in Dallas & to film my experience for a video they are putting together for their facebook page. http://facebook.com/mio - I should have more info for you all once the video is up ! Unfortunately I didn't get to KEEP the camera they supplied, only use it & returned it at the end of the festival. It's like a $300 camera, so I was just happy to get to use it for a day ! Hope this answers some of your questions & thanks so much for commenting. I'm always happy to meet new blog followers!
April Bogus said…
You should definitely check MiO out ! With everything from Orange Tangerine to Lemonade, Black Cherry, Sweet Tea, Fruit Punch & MANY more, there's sure something to please every pallet !
Crystal said…
Looks like a lot of fun,i'm glad you had a good time! I usually like my water plain but i've tried Mio and like to add a little flavor sometimes. I think the the free Mio promotion that they had was great..because of receiving a free sample,we have purchased it again!
April Bogus said…
Yeah, we definitely love us some MiO in this house. 1st my Hubs started drinking it b/c a coworker told him about it, then since it's sugar free & she's a diabetic, mom tried it & ALSO fell in love. I was the last holdout & have NO IDEA what took me so long, b/c they have like 12 flavors & I found a handful that I LOVE. Thanks so much for commenting !!

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