What's In My Purse - May 2012 Edition

My purse: Black Rivet $120 originally, from Wilson's Leather Outlet Store - $33 & change.
LOVE this leather bag. It comes with a handle like the picture shows & a strap as well.

Peek-a-boo !

The Contents:
Leftish to Rightish.
1. Small makeup bag I keep change in - bottom left behind red wallet.- a gift from my Mom for Christmas 2011.
2. Vintage Red Leather St Thomas Wallet - a Salvation Army find - $2.99
3. Black leather strap that goes w/ my new purse. I'm keeping it in the middle pouch of the purse so I can use it when I want & don't misplace it in the mean time. 
3. Trident Gum 
4. Face blotting sheets
5. Shamarwyn Lotion - smells so good ! 
6. Cheap sunglasses
7. A case for my reading/driving glasses to travel in.
8. Clean napkins/paper towels - cause you never, ever know, right ?
9. Inhaler x's 2. Cause I have sucky asthma that is no fun. 
10. eos lip balm
11. A pen, cause you never know when you may need to take notes or something.


Crystal said…
Sounds like 'perfection in a bag! i just got a new purse so i am taking notes! :)
April Bogus said…
I am seriously so in love with this bag, no lie. I love Wilson's Leather, especially the outlet store, because they have amazing bags at great prices - I ended up getting two bags for like 62 which is 1/2 the price of the Black Rivet bag. Whee !

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