A couple of days ago I got a killer headache. 
I took allergy medicine, something for my head, the pain just didn't stop until I went to sleep. 

I woke up the next day with a horrid sore throat. 
It was not only sore, but throbbing up both sides of my neck. Horrid stuff. 
Annnyway..to make a LONG story short, I've been taking a ton of medicine & trying to get as much rest as possible. Everyone's been awesome about helping out with Sailor & getting me whatever I need.  

Just wanted to update you all & I should be back on my feet soon. 
I'm ready to get back out there & have some more adventures to share with you guys ! 

Thanks for all of the kind Tweets I've been receiving ! 

- A

P.S. Sailor's been the best puppy EVER, considering I can't do much but sit/lay around. He's being an excellent comfort animal as Hubs would say.


Donna D said…
So sorry your sick. I hope your feeling much better today. Get well soon!
April Bogus said…
Thanks so much Donna, I'm feeling better day by day. It's just slow going.
Jas said…
Sorry to hear that you're sick! I found you on the post college thread on 20sb. I love your dog. So adorable ^_^

Feel better!
April Bogus said…
Oh cool ! I love 20SB so much, everyone is so interesting, funny & sweet. Sailor is definitely a handful, but we love our puppy son teehee.

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