Planning A Shindig ?

Okay so we all know (most) 20-something's generally don't have much ca$h to spend on parties. 

Now don't get me wrong here ladies & gents, this girl loves any excuse to have some friends over, play some music & games, have a couple of drinks and let the good times roll ! 

However, decorating differently for EVERY party can get pretty expensive. 

When living in our first apartment together, Hubs and I threw TONS of parties. We found out that one great way to change the scene up and make it looks a little more festive and classy, was to add string lights ! 

HolidayLEDS would have been a great company to know about back then, but I'm happy to know about them now ! 

They were so kind as to send is these amazing Pink LED Light on White Wire for free to  review.
(I am not being compensated in any way to write this review. All opinions & photos are my own).
These are indoor/outdoor lights - which means your party can start outside and be moved inside ;) 
These would look great decorating a back patio this Summer - imagine sipping cool drinks in a hot pink glow ! 

LED lights last about much more longer than your old school bulb lights & even use less electricity - which means your power bill will thank you !

 Important information there ^^ 

Sailor approves ! He can't wait for his birthday party this July so he can use his new lights !


Shelby G said…
Oh, love these!
Aaron Morison said…
In Australia, around Christmas time.. Big W sells these christmas lights that are battery operated! and the best thing about them is that they only cost $2 each for a pack!

I bought a whole heap of them, they are great for Shindigs on a budget.. means more money can go into alcohol! :p
April Bogus said…
I am definitely a huge fan of anything cheap & fun to decorate for parties with !
April Bogus said…
I do too ! They let me choose from Purple, Pink or White - I was like, Pink please ! I think they'll be great for parties !

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