Influenster Spring Beauty VoxBox - Dr. Scholl's For Her Ball of Foot Cushions Review

Influenster sent me this Dr. Scholl's For Her product to try out. 
I am under no obligation to give this item a positive review. 

I really love the idea of these. everything they do make me feel like they will be my #1 Summer go to for (now) formerly uncomfortable shoes !

These awesome little purple things help prevent ball of foot pain ! 

Not only that, the Immediate Massaging Gel offers maximum comfort for the ball of your foot. These also prevent toe scrunch, stay firmly in place, and are removable without damage to your shoes. 

 Be sure and pick some up for yourself because they discreetly fit all women's shoes !



Jen said…
as soon as I received my spring beauty box, my husband promptly took these suckers out of the package and put them in his skate shoes. I was like, uhhh.
April Bogus said…
Aww ! I would say he owes you 2 new pair, then ! Come on Hubs, cough up the Dr. Scholl's !
MARJORIE7777 said…
Thanks for always having good info on your blog, I added you to my google + Have you checked my blog out & joined yet, Thanks for the Klout.. Tyvm xo

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