The Zac Brown Band

I  got a call on Friday from my BFF Drea asking me if I'd like to go to a free concert. They opened a new Microsoft Store in The Domain here in Austin.

The band happened to be The Zac Brown Band & she stood in line to get free wristbands. How could I say no to such a great offer ? I couldn't ! SO.. I suited up & off to The Domain we went to see The Zac Brown Band yesterday.

Girls just wanna listen to good music ! 
They were playing some type of game in this big ring.
These Red Velvet Chicken Sliders were soo yummy ! 
My fiercest Chicken Slider pose !
Look how happy she is !
These Chocolate Cake Balls were yummy in our mouths. 
Finally made it to a little shade towards the end of the day. 
The Zac Brown Band !
I also took about 4 separate videos on my cell phone as well, but none of them came out sound wise & one was completely jacked all together. Sorry guys, I tried !

What are some bands that you like ?
Does your town or city have awesome live music events like Austin does ?


theladya said…
Looks like you had a great time. A city nearby us hosts a biker rally every year and last year we got to see Saving Abel and they were so awesome live!
Kathy B said…
Great pictures of yall's concert. :0)

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