Welcome To April

Yay ! It's April 1st ! Nothing HUGE happens for me in the month of April - besides celebrating that a whole MONTH is named after ME ;) 

Looking smug as Hell.

A lot of people ask me if I was born in April because my name is April. Umm.. no. Not at all, actually. I'm named April for 2 reasons: the sonogram told everyone that I was a BOY - so my mother was going to name me something like John David and had NO girl names in mind at all. 

And also, my Mother's birthday is April 26th & apparently my grandmother was GOING to name my Mother April, but instead went with Kathy ? 

So I guess technically my Granny R. named me. But who's counting ? 

Happy Birth Month to my wonderful Mommy & Happy Name Month to me !! 


Ellen's Cakes said…
Aw that is a nice and also random story about your name although it is a pretty name :)

Hope you enjoy the month of your name :P :D
April Bogus said…
I wish I could say that I do something super special because of my name month, but I don't. However, since it IS my Mommy's birthday on April 26th, I usually try to do something super special for her and get some quality bonding (and spoiling) time in.
Ellen's Cakes said…
Aw I bet that she is going to enjoy being spoiled, what a lucky mum :)

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