Weekend Wickedness (Part 1)

Since I'm a housewife now, my 'days off' coincide with my Husband's weekends. If he's off Friday, Saturday, I'm 'off' those same days. We'll generally run whatever errands that need to be done, eat at decent places for lunch, do a little shopping, spend time with the pupalup, you know..whatever strikes our fancy. 

Since he got a promotion at work, our weekends are Wednesday & Thursdays for the time being. It doesn't really bother me because there's WAY less traffic and people in general at the stores where we like to shop and the places we like to go (namely the dog park). 

So..coming up, my weekend photos. 
We shall start with Part 1 & see where this goes, shall we ? 

Our weekend starts with foods from Target. Breakfast & lunch materials, plus some 30 cent clearance Easter M&M's for good measure, yo.

Sailor Bear just loves looking out him some windows. And I love looking at him looking out of windows.
 It's a very complicated love story. 

3 bags of Easter clearance M&M's for less than $1.00 ?
I'll co-sign on that ! 

And then about 9:30 last night one of the transformers in our neighborhood blew the hell out.
It was a bit loud, which was kind of a wee little shock to the ears.Since the power blew at the same time - I was reassured it was not, indeed, a shot gun - just a transformer that died. 

Thankfully the power was out for a little less than an hour. YAY ! 

And..just for fun - the super yummy breakfast (and Mimosa there in the corner) I made this morning. Those eggs were cooked in the bacon grease. True story. And YES, that is a vintage Donald Duck kid's fork on my plate. So suck it haters.


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