Want To Feel Like A Goddess ? Shamarwyn Can Help !

Shamarwyn is a natural hair & skin product line that smells like Heaven ! Okay, sorry, that's a little premature - we can talk more about how GOOD it all smells in a minute. 

I've been trying harder and harder as the months go by, to replace any and all shampoos, conditioners, and body lotions that I currently have, with products that offer pure and natural ingredients. 

It's so important to not only keep our homes clean with eco friendly, natural ingredients - but our bodies need the same ! 

With Shamarwyn, you can keep not only your hair, but your skin beautiful!

Melanie offers a wide range of products, which is a major plus. 
A girl needs a little variety in her life from time to time !

See ? All organic ingredients in this Shamarwyn Shampoo - Forest Rain
That means the smell is clean & crisp like the air after a Summer rain.

Each product is handcrafted by a lovely Cosmetologist named Melanie Knight (coolest last name ever, right?) in Austin, Texas. 

I'm so proud that Austin is a major city for Eco/Green products and I think Shamarwyn will fit in quite nicely among Austinites and Natural Product lovers all over the WORLD ! 

You guys know I would never review a product I didn't believe in, and I truly believe the Shamarwyn is a great alternative to those old store bought ones. 

Melanie was sweet enough to send me these samples (and full sized products - YOU ROCK MELANIE) for review. 

Shamarwyn Shampoo, Conditioner, Bath & Shower Gel, Light Hand & Body Lotion and last but certainly not least, Shamarwyn Body Oil

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You can also click on Melanie's name anywhere to email her or click Shamarwyn anywhere to purchase these awesome organic products online ! 

Shamarwyn Conditioner. Made to restore smoothness to any hair type & is also safe for color treated hair.

What makes you feel like a Goddess ?


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