Saving Saturday - Salvation Army

Being the broke a*s 20-something that I am, I hate spending full price on clothes. 

I never really liked to spend a lot on clothes to begin with. I can always find something more interesting/fun/necessary items to spend my money on. 

Here's where lovely thrift stores come in. 
I've been shopping at them since I was a child. And no, it doesn't bother me at all that these clothes are used. I was the youngest in the family & was used to hand-me-downs. If I like it & it's in good condition, fits & it's a good price, I'm all over it. 

Don't get me wrong, I do splurge now & again when I find something I LOVE - but that's rare. There's just about NO t shirt out there that I'd like enough to spend $40.00 on, for example. 

Before I start ranting on & on about second hand clothes (and how they rock), I wanted to share the things I picked up at Salvation Army on my trip with Kathy from Southern Made In The Shade.  

A cool little Vintage Lady Thermos & Vintage St. Thomas Leather Wallet

 A nifty top that's not Vintage, but reminds me of a Vintage top. Made by Austin Clothing Co.

White & Blue tags were 1/2 off today, score !! 

Oh, and I also got a brand new white spaghetti strap Old Navy tank top to go under other shirts. 
 I didn't get a picture of that 'cause it's like underwear & no one cares about what I wear under my clothes ! Haha.

All in all, I found a couple of cool things & I had a great time shopping & visiting with Mommyson.

Vintage Flower Thermos - $1.50
Vintage Red St. Thomas Leather Wallet - $2.89
White Tank Top - $1.65
Red Austin Clothing Co. Top - $1.65

What have been some of your favorite Thrift Store finds ? 


Rachel said…
Fab red wallet. Looks like you had fun!
April Bogus said…
Thanks lady, the wallet was my favorite find of the day. I've been needing a new one & thought this one was dope. I had a blast ! Maybe I'll make a weekly thing of it. Looking for some cool vintage shoes to wear w/ dresses next.
Kathy B said…
Thanks for taking me with you April. I had the best time, saw everything I wanted to scored some great items and the store wasn't to crowded for a Sat. :)
Love vintage shopping! That thermos is awesome. I love finding old stuff to decorate with. I decorated my apt from value village..much cheaper than crate and barrel!
Elle said…
Such a cute thermos! I'm so excited yard & garage sale season is fast approaching; mama needs a new summer wardrobe!
April Bogus said…
Thanks for going, Mom ! We may need to start making this a weekly adventure so I can have more Save Saturday posts ! xo
April Bogus said…
I am addicted to vintage. I would much rather have everything vintage in my home/clothes. Unfortunately, I'm a size 14/16 and they didn't really make ladies this big (typically anyway) back in the 50's. Haha. But a girl can accessorize herself & home if nothing else ;)
April Bogus said…
I hear you there ! I'm always needing new clothes & since I recently lost 30 lbs, things that didn't use to fit me now do (barely sometimes), so I'm actually excited about looking for more clothes. For once it's not TORTURE !
Tiffany said…
thanks for the comment on the flip flops & socks... If I mowed I would wear different stuff but that was just what I wore when I watched my man mow LOL...
April Bogus said…
I love it! NOW it makes perfect sense, I just saw that picture and was like "So cute!", then I was like "That's not practical to mow in, like at all." - just my motherly instinct ? Still love that photo !
theladya said…
These are some great finds! I mostly hit up flea markets on the weekends but I should definitely try some thrift stores more often.

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