Outfit Of The Month - OOTM - March

I see a lot of ladies/girls/women post a Daily Outfit or Outfit Of The Week. 

Well, since I'm a housewife & I don't get out MUCH these days, I thought I'd do an Outfit Of The Month ! 

Typically I only put real interest in what I'm wearing when we're going out somewhere special like to the bar or Date Night. Otherwise you can find me in sports bras, boxer shorts and t shirts while I laze about the house, walk the dog, do laundry and chores, etc.

Anyhow, without much further a due, my Outfit Of The Month:
Punk Rock Princess 

Everything's from Target - head to toe ! 

Black Studded Top - Pure Energy - $6 on clearance at Target
Leopard Print Pants - approx $25 in stock NOW at Target Juniors Section
Sandals - Leather - 3 years old or more, no idea on cost.

What's your favorite thing to wear ? Comment below or Tweet me a pic to @TheTattooedType.


Shelby G said…
Love the outfit, and I had to giggle - I'm in the same boat as you! As I write this, I've got a sports bra and a cami on, and some yoga/jammie pants. It's pretty much my uniform! Maybe I'll steal your outfit of the month idea! (and give credit, of course!)
April Bogus said…
I think it's a great idea for those of us who love fashion, but aren't exactly fashionistas. I just don't see a point in getting all dressed up to do chores around the house & drive hubs back and forth to work lol. I'd LOVE to see your OOTM series !
Rachel said…
Hell yea! Fun outfit. Love Target!

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