Not Quite A Normal Monday

I spent yesterday hanging out with my best friend Andrea & her many pets. Apparently, she jacked her (already injured) ankle up at work & is off for a couple of days to recoup. 

I can never remember all of her pet's names. And by pets - namely - I mean the cats. She has 2 or 3 of 'em running around, hissing at me every time I walk through the room. It's quite lovely. The orange one is Satchamo, or it could be Benny. I forget to be honest. 

Here's Andrea, sitting in bed talking to me about girl stuff. Like boys, sex, movies, books & anything else that came to mind. Yeah, we tend to get sidetracked a lot during our conversations together.

Photo Bombed By Satchamo
Yeah, this happened. It did. Yes.
Ella. My God-Daughter !

And now, back to more pets. Never mind that Drea is even IN these last two photos. This isn't about her, this is about the pets ! Haha. Okay maybe it's about her AND her pets.

And good (evil as shit) Bella. Yes, named after the Twilight character. Bella is so tiny and cute and I think we could be really good friends, except for the fact that she's pure EVIL. Otherwise, I would just shove her in my purse and carry that cute little thing EVERYWHERE.


hookeymonster said…
Thanks to the 20sb world I found your blog and love how you share your life. And your puppy is so super cute!
I received an award today that also has to be passed on and award to other people, to bring them more exposure.
So here you go!
Do what you will with it but I do love your blog!
April Bogus said…
Thanks so much, I will definitely be checking this out !

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