Get Your Kicks At Flix (Brewhouse)

Flix Brewhouse offers movies, food & booze all wrapped up in one dope building ! 

The details of this place are to die for. 
Hubs & I have been a couple of times now & LOVE IT ! 
Here's some pics from our trip yesterday to see Wrath Of The Titans

Bright Open Lobby
Stocked Bar

Gourmet Menu 

Great Wine

Eat While You Watch 

Awesome Decore


Kelsey said…
OK, really, seriously, omg, I WANT TO GO THERE!!! Why are you sharing a place I can't drive to right now? Maybe someday when I visit Austin I can check this place out! :)
April Bogus said…
Hey, seriously - this place IS awesome. Not the first place of this sort in Austin, either. We boast the Alamo Drafthouse also, which is the same exact concept. What I like about Flix is that the tables in the theaters actually pull up to you like 6 inches, so it's easier/more comfy to eat. Flix is also WAY closer to me in proximity, so that's also cool.
Walt Powell said…
Thanks for the great review! We work really hard to make sure that we can wow everyone that comes in. We're very proud of the theatres, decor, food (our Chef is also the Chef at HomeField Grill next door to Flix, so check that out too!), and the beer that we make IN HOUSE! We are the only first run movie theatre in the WORLD that makes their own beer!!!

Awesome blog BTW!


Walt Powell Vice President of Operations
Flix Brewhouse | HomeField Grill
t: 512.244.2739 | f: 512.660.5138 | |
April Bogus said…
Walt, thanks so much for commenting! I couldn't believe my eyes ! Hubs & I definitely LOVE Flix. Not only is the building (and beer)awesome, the staff at the Round Rock location are on point. I forget our bartender's name, but he as well as our waiter were excellent & on top of everything. I couldn't ask for a better experience !

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