Feature Friday - Giveaway - Asa Gleek Designs

Welcome to the newest addition to The Tattooed Type's -
 Feature Friday.

When we have giveaways from now on, they will go live on Feature Friday every week.

You can also find archived giveaways there also !

I sincerely hope you enjoy the new addition & let me know if you have any feedback by emailing me.


Are you proud to be an individual ?  

Uncommon packaging is a nice surprise !
I know I am ! 

Ebony at Asa Gleek Designs believes you should be yourself & express your individuality ! 

Even the paper wrapped packaging is dope !

She makes awesome designs for hoodies, tshirts, cards, jewelry, bags and much, much more ! 

You can see a ton of pictures of her designs on everything here on the Asa Gleek Designs Facebook Page !

She sent these cards and necklace below for a giveaway ! 


Want to win some Asa Gleek Cards & her Monster Valley Necklace ?

Enter below !

a Rafflecopter giveaway


LBabroski said…
These are truly awesome!
Kathy B said…
Beautiful, unique designs very nice!
Kathy B.
Donna D said…
These are way different, I Like that! Cute!
chocho1957 at hotmail.com
April Bogus said…
Aren't they ? I'm so honored to be hosting this giveaway ! Just my style - too bad I can't keep it !
April Bogus said…
You know me, I love anything unique and different ! (in a GREAT way, of course!)
April Bogus said…
Thanks Donna !
Crystal said…
Very cool..love the Zombie Woman Collection!
Anonymous said…

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