- A New Type Of Auction

One day I was on Facebook, and I saw this Ad that said something like "If you like Etsy, you'll love Tophatter.".

So me being me, I clicked the ad. Now mind you, unless something special catches my eye, no way you're getting a click from me. But this.. this site, I had actually heard of them from someone I've worked with on the blog here. 

I clicked the ad & it took me directly to 

You can list items for sale, but there's typically only a very select number of slots available. Tophatter is not like eBay where you list everything you want and for a certain period of time & hope it sells. 

With Tophatter, you schedule your items to go live in specific auctions. 

This can be a good and bad, however. Since it's such a new site, there seem to be quite a few bugs they're still working out. Namely the slot issue. 

Since they only have a certain amount of slots to be filled, it's very difficult to actually obtain one of those said slots. 

However, it seems like over the past couple of weeks, they have implemented some new features that offer more available slots, which me likey ! 

I don't want to get into a whole book about how works, but their Help Section is mighty helpful and should answer any questions you have. There's also a very cool live help chat button on most all of the Tophatter pages and you can also email them with questions ! 

Happy TopHatting everyone !! 

Sailor wishes he could use a computer & bid on items at !

All opinions in this post are my own & are in no way sponsored or endorsed by 


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