Small Town Life

My hometown is called Mexia, Texas. Let me break it down for you Hooked On Phonics style like it was 1993: "Mah-hey-yah". The X in Mexia sounds like an H. Hope that helps.

Not "Mah-hair", not "Mexico". Mah-hey-yah.


One of my good girlfriends from my childhood is moving back to Mexia after having lived in another state for many years. Since another of our mutual good girlfriends from our childhood still lives there with her husband and kids, I thought..what better time to take a little road trip ? 

After talking to my Hubs, he offered to pay for a hotel room for me should I like to take the road trip in the next couple of weeks. I thought I'd take off on his weekend (Wed/Thurs) so he could stay home, watch Sailor, play video games & have his friend David over to play 40K or whatever else boys/men do while us wives are on awesome womanly bonding road trips. 

I asked Mom if she'd like to go with and be my road trip buddy and she said YES ! Yay! I'm so psyched. Now all I have to do is get the date set with the girls & get my hotel room booked. 

While looking online, I came across a list of Bed & Breakfast places in and near Mexia. I thought I'd take a look since I've never been to one and it always seemed like a cool thing to do if you have to stay a night or  two away from home anyway. And low and behold, B&B's are actually comparable to decent/newer hotel rooms. Currently I'm looking at a cute little B&B in town that goes for only $85 a night. That's actually more cost efficient than staying at any of the major hotels in Mexia, score !

Yup, it's true ! Fort Parker State Park - Mexia, Tx

My Grandfather's Sporting Goods Store Sign - Mexia,Tx

Mexia = Country Quiet


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