Review - S&S Brand

S&S Brand was created by Spencer O'Meara and Sarah Burchard in San Fransicso, CA.

They currently offer 4 BBQ sauces and 6 different spice rubs. 

S&S sent me Fish Rub and Ranch Rub for review.  

We used the Fish Rub on our Gulf Coast Shrimp.

Add their Fish Rub to any seafood to make it SUPER yummy !

Get those Fish Rub covered shrimps in that skillet ! 

Eat up 'cause it's super good ! The best shrimp I've had in a while ! 

We ALL  know is Texans love to grill, so I'm excited to see what BBQ rubs S&S Brand offer up & see what we can do with those this Summer !

Can you believe their site even has a recipe section ? Now they're just putting yummy cooking thoughts into my brain ! If I wasn't a chef before, I will be soon with S&S Brand Rubs !

Thanks to S&S Brand for sending me these yummy Ranch & Fish Rub samples ! 


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