Review & Giveaway - Jayne Danger

Ashely, the owner and operator of Jayne Danger is just the sweetest person to work with. 

That should be no surprise to you guys, because she produces the cutest, most adorably addicive Octos like this one she sent me below for review. 

That Mohawk adds a bit of danger, if you ask me ;) 

Remind you guys of anyone we know ? Haha. I LOVE this Octo so much. 

Jayne Danger offers handmade,sturdy, immaculately stitched Octos. These Octos are definitely made with love, care, and extreme attention to detail. 

On a serious note - she needs a name ! Any suggestions ?

That's not a face only a Mother could love, that's a face ANYONE will love ! 

These would make great gifts. Ashley also offers additional sizes of these great little Octos, and my personal favorite (for on the go goodness), keychains !!


Want to win your own Octo up to $19.00 in value, with FREE shipping INTERNATIONALLY ? 

Yeah, you read that right - Ashley is offering up shipping within the U.S. as well as Internationally to whoever wins this giveaway. Let's thank Ashley for that, everyone ! 

Thank you Ashley

Be sure you enter to win below & good luck !

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The Blue Octo is so handsome with his mustache !

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LBabroski said…
Octavia would be a great name. :)

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