Review - Englandcaramel

High quality felt items are ALL the rage right now. 
Have you seen the awesome things people are doing with felt these days ?  

Rebecca from Englandcaramel is one of those people. 

She makes amazing, durable, sturdy felt products and sent me this Felt Wool Wallet for review. 
This one goes for only $9.80 plus shipping in her shop !

These Felt Wool Wallets would be great for the club or just running errands. Throw your essentials in there and hit the road with this adorable accessory. 

 I also love the clean lines of this wallet. It's simple yet had character and the black snap closure sets the whole thing off.

Be sure you check out Englandcaramel for top quality felt pieces at better than average prices. 

Great stuff for you and your budget !


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