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I'm always down for a good funny tshirt. has them in mass quantities ! 
 I don't know, there's just something about a funny saying or picture on a tshirt that just fills my heart with joy. 

I mean, you can tell A LOT from taking one look at a person. Most people use their wardrobe in one fashion or another to convey an idea, thought, feeling. 

In my opinion, there's never a better way express yourself than to wear your heart on your sleeve. Or chest, as the case may be. sent me the below tshirts for review. 

 I got I'm On A Boat tshirt for Hubs from the Men's TShirt section.

I got the Hugs Not Drugs tshirt for me from the Funny TShirt Section.

Thanks to for sending me the above tshirts for review.


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