The Math Lady Wants To Be Your Friend (And Make You Bracelets)

Remember when you were a kid and you just LOVED your best friend like nothing else in the world?

They knew your personality better than you did yourself and got your twisted and sometimes dorky sense of humor. Stuck up for you when people would talk jazz about you and would sit on those lazy weekend days when you had nothing better to do and make friendship bracelets with you. 

Ahh, those are the days, right ? Well don't fret, there's still someone out there who's passionate about making fun, functional, tight and well made friendship bracelets & her name is Amy ! 

You can find all her Amy's awesome friendship bracelets at her Etsy shop The Math Lady

Thanks so much to Amy for sending me the below item to review.

I love how well made this bracelet is ! Tie The Math Lady's bracelets on and let the fun being ! 

She does a ton of cool patterns like the one seen above and many, many more. Amy even has some bracelets with crystals and some that glow in the dark ! 


Rachel said…
Cool bracelet! I like the black & white. Wish I was a math lady ;) I'm hopeless with math!
April Bogus said…
Oh, me too ! I think her name/shop The Math Lady is so cute & she does AMAZING work on those bracelets ! I don't know where she gets the ideas or finds the patience to work on them, but I'm thankful she does, it's truly art you can wear.

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