Life In Austin.

I'm sure, by this point, that most people who have heard of Austin think of it as a laid back city. And they'd be right. You can find artists, poets, gardeners, lovers of dance, and just about every other hot 20 something guy you run into will be in a band. Guaranteed. 

Austin has Hey Cupcake !

But don't you go and start thinking that there's nothing more to lovely little Austin. Don't let her fool you. Austin is just like any other major city. It's a HUGE Rat Race, we have a homeless housing problem, traffic issues, DUI problems because we're a college down and we have a MAJOR Bar/Club/Tattoo Wonderland called 6th street. Sure we have break-ins and just general unpleasantness. Just like every other city. See ? I said it again. 

Austin actually reminds me of a tiny and way more friendly New York or L.A. - if you have the motivation, drive, focus and passion, there's no end to what you can accomplish here.

The only thing keeping most people from experiencing anything and everything they want, is that first step. Personally, I never had that problem. If I saw something I wanted and saw no logical reason I shouldn't pursue a passion, then I went for it. That's all one can do, right ? 

Austin has art in places it "shouldn't be" & cute little birds singing to you everywhere you go.
I owe that to two main reasons I've boiled it down to over the years. 

The first being my Mother. She taught me that I'm just as good as everyone else, but better than no one. I have the right to fight for what I believe in. She also taught me to try new things and not be afraid to fail. When you fail at something you just learned a way not to do it again. Go from there and move on. 

And the second thing I'd contribute it to, is Austin. I moved here when I was 11 about to turn 12. In Austin I grew up going to concerts from about the age of 14 on. Walking Downtown shopping and meeting new people, learning how to accept people who aren't the same as everyone else. In Austin being an individual is a good thing. You're not looked down upon because you have hot pink hair and 25 tattoos. Generally those are the people running the most successful local (and National) businesses. 

We're also MAJORLY dog friendly !!

I love this city. I'd be the first to admit, we have our problems. But like any good relationship, I support what I have with Austin. It's a great town to live in. It's a great town to raise a family in - for about a million reasons I can't list here.  What can I say but, I Love You Austin !



New York Cliche said…
I've never heard any one say anything bad about Austin. Never. People only have positive things to say! I definitely want to visit. SxSW sounds amaaaaaazing- but you locals might hate that it brings smarms of tourists to your city!
April Bogus said…
I definitely love living here in Austin. As I said, it's a great city ! I guess when you live here you just have another (or various) perspectives ? Personally, I AVOID AT ALL COSTS the Downtown area during SXSW. I've never even been to SXSW & I've lived here since I was 12. Just too many tourists who walk out into the street in front of your car & THEN look at you like you're loco for getting pissed off. Sorry..getting rant-a-licious now lol.

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