Klout Perk Unveiling - It's All GUD - By Bert's Bees

Gud is the newest natural brand from Bert's Bees. We all know they make lip balms and lotions, but this new like is just..what can I say, GUD !! 

Klout sent me these Gud Products to try for free and I am under no obligation to share the goodness, I just wanted to :) 

Sailor feels the need to investigate any box, bag, or new item that comes into his territory. He was a bit uncertain of the giant orange Klout box, as you can see.

It's kind of dorky of me, but the above statement actually made me feel good about myself. Like "Yes, I am a rock star at opening boxes, thank you kind Sir!".

If that doesn't get you curious. I have no idea what will. Ooh the excitement builds ! 

Thanks to Klout and Bert's Bees for sending me this GUD package. Haha. Get it y'all ? 

And wouldn't you know. Even the packaging is witty & charming. Oh yeah.

Sailor investigates further.

From left to right.
 Natural Body Mist - Floral Cherrynova with Cherry Blossom & Almond Milk 
Natural Body Lotion - Orange Petalooza with Blood Orange Flower
Natural Body Wash - Vanilla Flame with Vanilla & Rice Milk 

Floral Cherrynova smells like the best Sunday Morning Market you can imagine. Fresh fruit (namely Cherries) and Flower notes along with the Almond Milk make you automatically feel the wind on your face and the warm morning Sun on your back while strolling with a huge smile while looking through the Market. 

Orange Petalooza is straight up Orange goodness. It's not a harsh or hard smell, but softened and lovely. I feel like eating a whole bowl of Oranges after taking one tiny whiff of this amazing body lotion. 

 The Vanilla Flame Body Wash is a lovely light scent. I can't get enough of it. I'm definitely going to be looking for this in the stores once I use this one up (which trust me, won't take long cause I think I'm addicted to the smell.)

Thanks once again to Klout and Bert's Bees for sending me this GUD Perk to try out ! 


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