Influenster Is Dude Friendly

Many of you ladies may know (and love) Influenster

If you don't know, educate yourself, people ! 

They send out these cool little (and sometimes not so little) things called Voxboxes. 

Voxboxes typically include cool beauty/health/lifestyle gooides. The best part ? They are usually Full Size Products !!! 

Influenster is a cool little program - you sign up, fill out some simple surveys & they send you free stuff ! 

Then you review said free stuff via YouTube, Twitter,, Tumblr, or your Blog

You don't HAVE to review anything you don't want to, but the more reviews you do, the better chance you have of getting in on their next Voxbox. 

The point of this post ? 

Influenster recently mentioned that they have some Men's Voxboxes coming up this year. 

What ? Guy themed Voxboxes ? Hubs is definitely interested, so I hooked him up with the Influenster link. 

Guys & Gals should go check the program out. Not EVERYONE who signs up & fills out surveys will qualify, but if you're a big Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Blogging fiend, I think you stand a good chance. 

Here's one of my Influenster Voxbox videos so you get a better idea: 

2 things about this video - 1. I've lost A LOT of weight since then. 
2. The sound sucks. Sorry about that ! 



Vincent Swoape said…
thanks im a dude and just signed up for influenster but as i was looking at it i thought it was for women so this helps allot stay awsome

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