Review - Unique Wood Pieces By James Robinson Creations

Looking for a quality piece of handmade, wood furniture or home accessory ? Then you need James Robinson Creations

James offers up one of a kind wood pieces like wall shelves, cutting boards, serving trays with retro metal handles, adorable little corner shelves, bookends, and tons of other cool yet unique pieces.  Most of the materials used by James are found or rescued from landfills, making James Robinson Creations an eco-friendly & Green business.

 What I especially like about James and his business, is that he cares about the Earth, even noting in his shop announcement "Please note that most of my materials are reclaimed, found or recycled I will never use any woods stolen from the rain forests." 

He typically produces at least two custom pieces a week & is happy to speak with you regarding custom orders. 

Wood working isn't the only thing James knows about, he also runs the cutest Vintage & Antique shop called Laso's Antiques with his wife. 

James sent the below serving tray for review. It's super sturdy and a nice larger size. I definitely plan on using this for various projects around the house. It'd be great to serve Hubs food in bed, or to use for my laptop while working lazing about. There's enough room for anything you really want to do. There's also great cork feet on the bottom to keep it from scratching any surface you might put it down on. For the price of $42.00 item price plus $15.00 shipping (which is extremely reasonable for how heavy these truly are) on his serving trays, you definitely get MORE than your money's worth. 

I love the color of this tray & the metal handles add a cool vintage feel. 

These trays would work great as a desk organizer/mobile desk.

These are Hubs' large gaming books - plenty of room on this tray for all your needs.

The bottom.

Great cork feet to protect your furniture from scratches & scuffs.

I highly recommend contacting James through his Etsy shop James Robinson Creations if you don't see something  you're needing in his shop. Tell him April sent you.

 From what I've seen, he can make pretty much anything, and not only that - for a reasonable price. Isn't that what we're all looking for these days ? High quality products, that will last a lifetime (and beyond), that don't cost an arm and a leg. I definitely suggest you check him out today. 


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