Review - Avery Office Products from

I love office supplies. And you know I'm a fool for anything to help keep me organized and on task. 

A great size for projects.
The ring binder is a great size. I can see using this for anything from a scrapbook to school work, even as an organizer for busy moms or any of you coupon fanatics out there.

Tons of room to label your projects.

The binder labels are super cool because they're long enough to fit anything you want on them. They're made of a sturdy material and you definitely get your money's worth with 25 to a package ! Make a mistake on your binder labels ? No worries, you'll have 24 more to work with ! 

This is the page the tab is on. If anything, it makes the font clearer to see !
The binder tabs are really neat, too. They're completely see through. The quality of the type under the label is completely crystal clear. You'll have no worries that you can't see that important information hidden under the binder tabs anymore ! Avery products definitely rock and I can't wait to see what else has in store !

I love the rubber coated tab for the no gap rings.


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