Hair, There, Everywhere !

I love my hair. And when I say that I know you're probably thinking "Gah April, huge Ego much?". 

About my hair ? Yes. 

Currently, it looks like this: 

Shaved on the blonde side, pink on the other. 

I admit, it's a little extreme. But extreme hair is nothing new to me. 

I had *basically* the same hair 10 years ago, minus the shaved side ;) 

And here's what my hair looks like naturally, this was about 2 years ago now.


Kind of a drastic change, don't you think ? 

I've always had my own style with my hair, even when I was a little kid. 

At about the age of 8 or 9, I somehow convinced my mother to let me get a bowl cut with a rat tail. 

I have no idea what made me want this particular haircut, but I rocked the Hell out of it. 

What can I say, I've always liked to be different. What better way to completely change or experiment with your style than to change your hair ? 

What have been some of your favorite hairstyles through the years ?


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