Eeek ! Happy Puppy Mommy !

It's been a nice & relaxing weekend. This morning I woke about 5:30 & was checking my email on my phone as usual. Somehow (and I have no idea how, cause it was hella early), I came across a local dog park. The cool thing ? It's literally in the neighborhood next to me. It would take me 10 mins to load the dog up & get over there - probably more like 7 mins. Yay !! 

I really wanted to go this morning with Hubs on the way to take him to work. We leave so early it's dark outside still & only really getting light about the time I get back home. This being the case, I took my hot coffee that Hubs bought me on the way to take him to work this morning & once I dropped him off, I set off to find this dog park. 

It's awesome. It has a large dog and small dog side, so I don't have to worry about huge dogs pouncing him to play. Sailor has SO been looking forward to playing with other doggies more often. I think this will be a great chance to do just that ! It's also an off leash park, meaning, even if there aren't other doggies there for him to play with - he can still get his run on. 

I'm SO excited to maybe try and take him with Hubs today once he gets off work. I know Sailor is going to be hysterical with excitement. Feeling very proud & excited to open up Saysay's world a bit further ! 


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