Listia - The NEW Way To Get Free Shiz !

I happened to stumble upon this site today called Listia

They tout it as like the Free eBay -  you list your item for "X" amount of points & then someone else purchses it - not with actual monies - but points, instead. 

I actually think this is a cool idea, except you DO run into items that are something crazy like 20,000 points. The items with such high point price tags seem to be like jewelry, leather boots, whatever - stuff you'd expect to spend a decent amount of real money on. 

Since I'm new to Listia, I thought I'd go ahead a post a listing of my own. I find the BEST way to figure out how to site works, is - guess what - to actually USE it. 

Here's my listing, it's for an Olive Green Matrix Brand Clutch