Google + , Every Vote Counts ! (Or...PLEASE vote for me!!)

A little while ago, I wrote a post called "My Mentos Pure Fresh Moment" as an entry for an Influenster & Mentos sponsored contest. Influenster would pick the 3 'best' entries & post them for everyone to vote on. 

Guess what lucky lady is a finalist ? :) :) YAY !! 

I'd LOVE it if my awesome blog followers would go vote for me ! 
You will need a Google + account. If you already have a Google email address, you already have Google +. You just have to look for the link on the main Google page at the top right to get started.

Once you've got your Google + account set up (it's super easy, just follow the instructions), then click HERE and find my contest entry. 

It's the one with the Mentos Gum Pack & Wedding Rings. 
Like this ! 

 Once you see the little +1 tab under my entry (April's), that's it ! If you'd also like to share the post on your Google + account, I'd be forever grateful !! 

Add me also ! I want to make some cool friends over on Google + ! all ROCK !!!

What are some the favorite contests you've entered & won ?


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