Crazy Cool Collections

When I was a little girl, I used to collect all sorts of things. For a while it was stamps, then I got into coin collecting for a very short time. I would just randomly find things that attracted me to them, calling me to 'Come...collect me...start a new random collection...'. Then I got into keychains.

I would collect ANY cool keychain I could find. My family members would donate their old ones, every time we'd go somewhere special or new, I'd pick up a little keychain to remember my trip by. Let me tell you, that darn keychain collection got hella huge ! I have no idea what made me initially get obsessed with collection keychains. I think it's because they were small, and typically cheap and I could hook them onto one another and make a huge keychain garland out of them. And then proceed to decorate my room with it, or hang it over my bed so I could look at all my little treasures I'd worked so hard to collect.

As I got older, I got out of collecting them. Don't worry ! I still  have my collection & will show you guys sometime whenever I run across it again. 

About 10 years ago, when I got my first car, I wanted to do something cool and interesting to it. I wanted to make my car MINE. Something special. So I started taking the pins I had sitting around the house & pinning them to the roof of my car. Then I started buying special little pins I would keep only in my car. Most of them are not pins I would ever have the guts to actually wear in public, for fear of offending the general public. 

I've eased up on collecting the pins over the last 10 years, but definitely have a dope collection I thought I'd share with you all.

So what things do you collect ?


Alicia said…
I used to collect pins. My daughter collects hotel room keys and regular keys. I miss the old pins like those and am glad to see them making a come-back (at least at Hot Topic anyway)
Tattooed Appy said…
@Alicia - I always wanted to start collecting old hotel room keys - they are SOOO cool ! And you don't see many anymore, either.
Anonymous said…
OMG! I love the Prince pin!!! He is the best! I collect beads. I have such a huge stash of gorgeous beads now, I have a bad addiction for them...
Tattooed Appy said…
@Stephanie - my mom is OBSESSED with Prince. We went to the Musicology tour in 2004 twice. I got her 3rd row tix for her bday & then she surprised me w/ tix like a month later lol. It was so much fun, I'll never forget it ! I think bead collecting is so cool, I always run across such pretty ones but can never figure out anything fun to do with them. Thanks for commenting :)

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