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Sailor Bear

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True <3

Do you have any pets ?


turq said…
I do have Pets, I have two dogs, Jack & Jill and two birds Jacy & Wilby.
Jack is a Chow chow mix that I saved from going to the pound, he is one of my very best friends and stays outside to guard my house, and Jill is a registerd German Shepherd she is also one of my very best friends and she stays inside with me and guards everything lol :)
Jacy is a Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot and Wilby is a Cockatiel and I love them both so much!
Jacy is 2 years old and I got her when she was 3 weeks old and hand fed her till she was big enough to eat on her own, which was a long time, she's my baby. Wilby came into my life just over a year ago, I got a call just after Christmas asking if I would take him in because his owner had passed away. He was a mean little bird when I got him, but he is a sweetheart now. They are all just like kids to me, I love them all so much and spend everyday with them. Jacy is learning new words everyday, and the one she says most is MOM! It warms my heart every time she says Mom I love you. and I wouldn't know what it was like to go for a walk by myself because Jack & Jill are always beside me. And little Wilby is always watching me bless his sweet little heart. My home is full of Love, lot's of smiles, lots of cuddles & lots of kisses! Life is Good :)
Tattooed Appy said…
Aww! That touches my heart!

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