Review - Swingline Smart Touch Stapler & Swingline Premium Staples

One of the office supplies that I am reviewing from Shoplet is the Swingline Stapler !

First, before my review. A small confession. I have known of (and used) Swingline Staplers since I was a little girl. My Mother used them before I was even born & I'll never forget the big metal Swingline Stapler my Grandfather kept on his Bait & Tackle Store desk. Swingline is just one of those brands that we've all grown up with, and therefore holds quite a nostalgic, special place in all our hearts. Am I right, or am I right ? :) Now, on to my official review of the  Swingline Smart Touch Stapler & Swingling Premium Staples

I really love how EASY it is to use this stapler, unlike older models, you barely press the bar down & the  Swingline Smart Touch Stapler does all of the hard work for you !

 Swingline Stapler is strong and jam-resistant. I also like how heavy and well built it is. This is not a stapler that you're going to easily break. Which is good for me, 'cause I am SO clumsy & dropping my staplers on a cement floor at work. I like this one 'cause I don't have to even worry that it's going to break when I drop it on the floor. I pick it up & go back to stapling my papers with no issue at all ! 

I also really loved the  Swingline Premium Staples sent with the stapler. You get 5,000 staples per box, now THAT'S a good deal. I really also loved the plastic box the staples came in, seems like it's super easier to keep my staples nice & neat & the box closes secure & tight every time ! I've had no jams with these staples as of yet, as well as fewer misfeeds. I will definitely purchase more of the Swingline Premium Staples for my new Swingline Smart Touch Stapler.

The only downside I can even see with this, is that the Swingline Smart Touch Stapler is a little confusing to load the staples in. It took me a few minutes to figure out where to press and what happens to put the staples in. Once I figured that out, however, it was ALL GOOD ! I would definitely recommend this for anyone who needs a new stapler & staples to go with it ! You can find these products at

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 These items were sent to me for free from for review. All opinions are my own and are in no way swayed by any websites,companies, or products I review. I am in no way being financially compensated for this, or any other of the reviews I do. Thankies !!


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