My Mentos Pure Fresh Moment

The first time I actually met my Husband (soon to be boyfriend at the time). We had been talking online and on the phone for about a month. But still, I was very nervous to say the least to meet.

When I showed up at his place and he opened that door, the first thing I noticed was his long, sexy hair. The second thing I noticed were his bright sparkly eyes. 

What can I say ? I was hooked. 

Our first date lasted 12 hours. No joke. We started with a little walk around South Congress in Austin, a popular/hip shopping district where he currently lived. Then off to eat some yummy food, go to a cool toy store and play with all the cool kids toys. Then for our infamous Long Walk. We walked probably 5 miles that day, no lie. We stopped by a gas station to pick up some gum (happened to be Mentos Pure Fresh Gum) and water. But, we did the Long Walk down to SoCo Bridge to see the little bats come out at dusk. 

We were sitting on a small stone wall, staring up under the bridge, just waiting for those bats to come out. I turned to him and said "I'm sorry we didn't see any bats, I was really hoping to show you something cool."  Then, he pulled the sweetest move. "Well at least we have plan B." he says - I turned "What's plan B?", and SMOOOOOOCH !!!

I'll never forget our first kiss, and I'll never forget how fresh BOTH of our breath were due to Mentos  Pure Fresh Gum.

That day I fell in love twice. Once with my now Husband, and the second with Mentos Pure Fresh Gum for making our first kiss an amazing one to remember the rest of my life ! 

Biting Hubs with my Mentos Pure Fresh Gum breath ;)

  Check their site out-

I received Mentos Pure Fresh to test through Influenster's VoxBox program.


Darcy said…
What a GREAT story. Loved it. Actually, I love Menthos, too - really.

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