A Mighty Cool Freebie From Eden Fantasys !

I'm gonna share a little secret with you about Eden Fantasys :) 

Did you know that now through January 6th you get a FREE Beach Towel with ANY purchase from these pages

EdenFantasys beach towel
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable
  • EdenFantasys logo
Do you feel the love chemistry with EdenFantasys? You can now show your love for EdenFantasys in a new way - with our beach towel! The towel has the EdenFantasys logo on the front with a white back.
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What would I do for my own At Home Spa Day ?

Let me share a few of the awesome Spa goodies I think you ladies may enjoy - and don't forget to share with your guys, they'll like 'em too!

Celebrate it's a slice duo
  • It's a slice velveteen hand creme
  • It's a slice supremely rich bath & shower froth
Life's a party - your party! Indulge in sweet orange & vanilla cream scented goodness with this perfectly packaged gift set. These best selling delights are packed with deluxe ingredients that will nourish & rejuvenate your skin and send your body (and your senses) straight to a luxurious & indulgent celebration for one. Party-on sweet cakes! Loot bags and confetti not included.

Afterglow special edition – massage candle 

Afterglow special edition

After all, this candle is like 2 gifts for yourself (or the one you love) in one ! 

This makes a wonderful gift, it even comes with a pretty red bow!

AFTERGLOW Special Edition features two unique fragrances that intertwine to engage and delight the senses, so this is the perfect item for romance. It sets the mood for hours of love making, and it moisturizes the skin



Winter wonder lip gloss trio
  • Vanilla frost: creamy pearl with opalescent shine
  • Pink icicle: sheer pink with diamond sparkle
  • Gold glimmer: glistening nude with golden sheen
This charming trio of creamy and delectably flavored lip gloss will nourish and hydrate lips giving you a wash of colour and loads of shine. Blended with natural emollients and infused with antioxidants this gloss will leave your lips smooth, shimmering and looking winter wonderful all season long.

 Yay shopping teehee. What girl/woman doesn't love shopping ? And especially at a place like Eden Fantasys Shop where you know, truly ANYONE could find something to buy.

 There's TONS more cool Spa Day Goodies offered up by Eden Fantasys, these are just a few. Don't forget that now through JANUARY 6th, you get a FREE Eden Fantasys Beach Towel with any of the Spa purchases seen on these pages ! 

Go shop & get your free towel on, ladies !! 

And Gents - you NEED to know about Eden Fantasys too - start with something from these pages if you're unsure as to your ladies' comfort level ;)

Have a spa day at home. Free Eden beach towel!
Expires on Jan 6, 2012 at 2pm ET Terms
Free Towel


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