Eden Fantasys & Open Minds Rock !

Okay, okay, so we all know that Eden Fantasys offers some great adult toys. Not only that, they offer a wide range of 'P.C. friendly' goods too, like robes, lingerie, beauty and body goods, books, and even party favors !

However, did you know that not EVERYTHING Eden Fanatsy does is centered around Adult Goodies or Sexy Lingerie ?

Did you know that Eden Loves Bloggers?

And they have a whole host of ways that Bloggers can participate !

Product Reviews - 

Who doesn't love to review some great products ? I know for us ladies, it's important to keep your mind, soul, and BODY as happy as we can. You with me, ladies ?

This is where you get one free product a month in exchange for your honest review and two links back to Eden! Now this is like a toy of the month club, which sounds super cool to me! Can you imagine getting 1 cool toy EVERY month to try out (with your partner too) ?

 You can also pick from a large variety of products, including "safe for work" products.

Sponsored Posts - 

You can write Sponsored Posts about pretty much ANYTHING you want. Eden Fantasys are so cool like that, they want you to write about whatever you want to  AND they even PAY you for that. 
How can you beat getting paid to write about something you probably already talk about on a regular basis ;) 

"You will be compensated with an EdenFantasys gift card, ranging in value from $25 - $50. The value of giftcard is dependant upon your blog's reach which includes blog age, Google PageRank, quality of posts, content, Alexa ranking, social media followers, traffic, and general demographics." 

 The Eden Affiliate Program -  
"Our Eden Affiliate Program pays a standard 20% commission through all sales generated by your referrals. Commission Junction pays 20% to 30% on all referred sales. Eden Affiliate Programs provide flexibility, customization options, and the convenience of making referrals both online and offline, whereas Commission Junction ensures third party reporting.
Here you can read more about Eden Affiliate Programs and Commission Junction, or look at the comparison table.
Our pledge to you We will work to convert your traffic, as hard as you work to bring it to us. The success is on both sides with quality traffic and high conversions!"

Banner & Text Ads - 

One of the ways EdenFantasys works with bloggers is by buying text link or banner ads on their blogs. This is a great way to promote EdenFantasys and for you, the blogger to make money off your blog. Now that's a win-win situation. You get more traffic to your blog & you help Eden Fantasys spread the word about their amazing products - which are NOT all xxx-rated ;)

Be sure and check Eden Fantasy's Blogger Program out and join the fun !


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