How To Make Recycled MultiColored Crayons

Who doesn't love them some  groovy Multicolored Crayons ? I know I do. 

Now the real question here is this; what the Hell did you do with your Easy Bake Oven when you were a little girl ? 'Cause you and I BOTH know that those little packets of  'cakes,brownies,cookies,etc' were the crappiest thing we ever tasted. Overall, I bet you didn't get much use out of your Easy Bake Oven. But I sure did ! 

I used to make these little multicolored crayons with these mini metal tart pans my mom found at a garage sale. I used to love coloring with those things, and made them to give away to my friends. Since they all went ape shiz over them. 

The other day I was trying to think of something cool to get together for my best friend's school kids. She's a bus monitor and has about 24 kids on her bus. I remembered making these crayons as a kid & decided to make 'em ! I thought I'd share how with you guys as well, so maybe you can make some for your kids or their class or they'd make COOL party favors or little Christmas Stocking goodies.

Grab all of your old crayons. Or your kids, they won't miss 'em ;)

Remove ALL of the paper wrappings.

Get some of those tin cupcake cups & be sure & spray it lightly with a nonstick spray.

Break up whatever colors you want to put together.
Heat in your over at 300 Degrees, watching closely. Take out when completely melted.

Let them sit on the cool counter until completely cooled off.

Then carefully remove them from the cupcake cups & get your color on ! 

Here's what the little goodie bags I made for Andre's school kids look like. 

I even made little notepads the kids could color on while they're on the bus :D
Hope they like them !

Thanks for reading & email or tweet me with any questions !


Kelly Bryan said…
I have a question...what could i use instead of the cupcake papers? I'm not sure my kiddos are going to like coloring with such big rounds things. thanks for sharing this. I have a ton of broken, half-chewed crayons all over.
Tattooed Appy said…
Kelly - thanks for asking ! My mom used to buy me little tart pans, and I mean TINY line maybe 2 inch ones. Or you could also use any candy mold you would find at Hobby Lobby or Micheal's Craft Store. I think like cars, lego type, anything like that would be fun molds to check out.

Like these:

Good luck !

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