BaubleBar Is Beautiful !!

I've heard of BaubleBar a few times here and there in passing. It wasn't until I was on Twitter and noticed a tweet this morning about them doing a $10.00 off your first order promo going on right now. I went and signed up and started looking around the site. 

I'm actually VERY impressed with the selection BaubleBar offers, but most of all, the prices are amazing for what you get. I suggest all my girly girls go check them out ASAP and also take advantage of the $10.00 off your first order promo. They also have FREE shipping. 

Another side note: the site is SUPER easy to use. And I know you probably hear that a lot, but this one really is. And once again, again, the prices are just blowing my mind. For the quality of jewelry you're getting, I'm pretty darn amazed myself ! 

We both know it doesn't get better than that, now GO SHOP !

And please use my Referral Code: 24494 when signing up so they know who sent you ! 

Feel free to Tweet me with any questions ! @TheTattooedType

Or you can email me, as always. I love getting mail ! 

- A


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