Welcome To Austin, Allergies !

You know, I never really had any issues with my allergies until I moved to Austin, Texas. I had previously lived in Waco/Hewitt, Texas which is approximately 100 miles from Austin. I guess I'd get a cold here and there and I know for sure I had major issues with my tonsils all the time - until they FINALLY took them out when I was 10. 

But allergies ? I never had not one issue with them until I moved to Austin. My older brother, on the other hand, had horrid issues with allergies. I remember him having to go to an allergy specialist and get all of these shots on his arm and then go back to see what he was allergic to from those shots. 

Turned out, he was allergic to all sorts of shiz. We all had no idea why he kept getting sick at every turn, until my mom was referred to the allergy specialist. He ended up taking shots once a week for a while and as far as I know, he outgrew most of his allergy issues. 

The reason why I bring allergies up NOW, is that Hubs is having a GO of it this time of year. He's been taking an OTC allergy medicine every night, like clockwork. This has seemed to help him a TON with his allergies, but the last couple of days he's been feeling like crap. 

When I was 12 and we moved to Austin, I had a really bad time with my allergies. I ended up being diagnosed with asthma for the first time, and also diagnosed as having sever allergies. 

Apparently there's something about the mold in the air or spores, or something, here in Central Texas/Austin area that just REALLY jacks with people who aren't used to it. 

For me, my eyes would get itchy, the back of my throat, not like scratchy as in a sore throat - but ITCHY like I need to scratch it. I would sneeze all the time, my nose would run, it was just really bad. 

This one time the WHITES of my eyes actually got swollen up. My mom rushed me to the ER and they said it was something in the trees/air I was allergic to. Go freaking figure. 

Anyway, I guess this was kind of a rant about how sucky allergies can be here in Austin. And how they can effect people who normally don't even HAVE issues with allergies that much - namely Hubs. 

I hope he feels better soon - I know how crappy he's feeling. 

Thanks for reading my rant !


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