Sailor Bear.

 Sailor Bear

Wow, I have been so tired lately ! Got a couple of things done to the blog, yay ! But I haven't been able to REALLY write an update in quite a while. I'm having fun doing all of the awesome giveaways (don't forget to check out the new Giveaway/Contest Tab), but wanted to post and catch you all up on Sailor

Of course I've been sleeping on the floor for the past week, to keep him company and clean up after him when he uses his Puppy Pads on his own - like a good boy (said as I dance and sing 'Good Boy!!' - like a big ol' dork). 

Hubs has been great about letting me crash early and get a few hours of sleep before he turns in and I'm on Puppy Duty once again. He's such a little rascal, I can't even imagine what he'll be like when he's older ! 

Only time will tell.

Until next time ! 

P.S. Almost to 30 blog followers, which means we'll be picking a winner for this giveaway !  AND we have another giveaway - The Puppy Prize Pack - in honor of Sailor's homecoming. Don't forget to Tweet/Facebook & tell your friends ! We're involved in a TON of giveaways & they'll ALL be posted here as well.


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