Review & Unboxing - Lime Crime's DIVA Magic Dust Eyeshadow - Pic Heavy

Since I follow Lime Crime on Twitter, I noticed one day that they were doing a giveaway. I entered, and low and behold, I won ! Please note that Lime Crime did not sponsor or endorse this blog post in any way. All opinions and photos are my own. Thanks and enjoy !

I got to pick out ANY color of Magic Dust Eyeshadow I wanted. I picked DIVA, since I thought it'd bring out my hazel eyes. 

Oh, I also wanted to say before I forgot. The shipping on this was super fast. I think it was coming from CA to TX. I told them the color I selected one day, and I swear it was here like 3 days later. No lie. Now that's pretty cool for like standard shipping halfway across the darn country ! 

I also really love their branding and packaging. Hubs saw this box and went ape shiz over it. Yes honey, it's very cool indeed !! Purple is also my favorite color, so you know I loved it.

The details are just awesome & inspiring too. 

This was a little pamphlet telling about their Lip Noir collection. They all look to me to be super soft with for sure eye catching colors. You guys should definitely check those out as well.

I'm really  just in love with their packaging so much. I love how everything matches and I know you probably can't tell from my picture here, but the Unicorn & details on the top of the eyeshadow pot are like mirrored. It's such a cool effect they've added. 

 Yes, it's a Diva color for sure. However, anyone could pull this color off using either a little for a soft look or a lot for a rocker look. I do both.

Here's a little swatch for you guys. Sorry my photo isn't better. It shows up on my skin tone (Olive), very nicely, with a slight sparkle. 

A final picture for y'all. Showing what it looks like potted. It's such a pretty color. And even if you had to buy it, for $14.00, I'm sure you'd get a lot of use out of it. I think it'd look great pretty much year round and definitely as a highlighting color for some fun ! 

Let me know what you think ! 



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