The Cute Puppy Blues - A Sailor Update

I was having a conversation with my best friend this morning. We were talking about how Sailor's doing in his new home here with Hubs and I.

She asked how his whining is going, and I couldn't lie: it's kinda hard. I have been reassured he'll grow out of it by every resource you can imagine. My friends, family, articals online, complete strangers both in my real and online life all say the same - ignore it when needed & it'll go away eventually. 

I do ignore him a lot when he's just whining to whine. If he wants to play, I play. If he needs food, I feed. If he just whines for no reason, I ignore.
Mom says he does really good when i leave him in her care, which makes me happy. Like, he'll whine for a minute or less & stop and get on with his day.

Plus he seems to be keeping himself busy too with his toys more, so that's a good sign I shall have more sleep soon. He does fine at night if he can get to me or be near me, but if not he just whines and whines and whines. 
I know he'll grow out of this stage (or I hope so, at least). So, in the mean time, I plan on using a great deal of patience with him and try not to give in to his whining when there's really no need/reason for it. I love my little Trouble Maker ! 

- A


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