To paint, or not to paint - That is never, ever, the question.

Ok, I have to admit something very serious to you all. I get bored. I don't mean with my life in general, but with my surroundings. I like to mix it up a bit and change the feel, function, or layout of a room. I've recently painted the largest wall on Hubs' and my bedroom a color called Crisp Green, and now I'm on to our closet doors. 

The doors are currently 2 colors of purple, which you can see in the below picture, and I thought we should brighten up the room, so we decided on an off white color.
I hit up our local Home Depot yesterday with Moms and checked out all of the awesome sample colors Glidden had available for a mere $2.00 each ! 

Got the 5 samples up on the wall, and they are: 

1. Parchment White

2. Elegant Lace

3.Shamrock White

4. Gold Coast White

5. Cappuccino White

I think we're digging #2 and #5 so far. We can usually narrow it down by half within 10 mins of looking at the dried sample on the wall. We plan on living with the samples up on the closet door for about a week or so and then on with the painting (and mess making for me cause I'm hella clumsy).

Here's the huge green accent wall in our bedroom. Sorry about the tattoo pic, but this is the only one I could find showing an example of our Crisp Green bedroom wall. 

- A 


Beckyj said…
They're kind of hard to see, but Shamrock White looks like it's pretty. Kathy Bradshaw from Southern Made In The Shade sent me over :)
Tattooed Appy said…
Thanks for your input Becky ! :) I like them all to some extent, except for the Golden Coast one.. too yellow for me I think.
Sheryl said…
Do you have a photot of the green that you painted the walls?
I like all of the shades of white except, as you said, the Gold Coast White is too yellow. It would look good maybe with a brown, but I don't see it with a green.
Tattooed Appy said…
Sheryl, I went ahead and added a pic of the green wall to the post so you can see it. I do agree that the Gold Coast White is too yellow and would go better with a neutral color.

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