CLOSED - Southern Made In The Shade - Giveaway !

Southern Made In The Shade is doing a giveaway !

Recruitment Giveaway Carmex Healing Lotion

Ok Followers heres a Friday night contest.
The next two people that join this new blog and tells April, the owner that I sent you WINS!!
Each of you will get a tube of Carmex Healing Lotion.

My review: We all know about Carmex lip balm and the fantastic healing powers it gives our lips.
I found their Carmex Healing Lotion and can't wait to share it.

**We already had our 1st winner who followed us from Southern Made In The Shade through the contest, so we have 1 more prize available.  GOOD LUCK ALL AND WELCOME ! 

**** We now have both followers, but stay tuned cause we're doing another drawing at 30 blog followers ! 
- A


KatM21 said…
April sent me! Kathy M.
Sheryl said…
Southern Made in the Shade sent me (Sheryl Edwards)!
Sharon said…
Nettie Pearl sent me
KatM21 said…
April, Nettie Pearl sent me!!!
Tattooed Appy said…
Hi all, the 2 winners were notified ! Keep following cause I'm doing another giveaway at 30 blog followers as mentioned before, check out the post:

Thanks for following !

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