Birchbox To The Rescue !

If you're a girl, then you probably get stuck in your beauty routine now and again. The same color lipstick or eyeshadow that used to work for you, just isn't hitting the all mighty 'spot' anymore. What is a girl to do ? Go out and spend $50.00 at your nearest drugstore, searching for that perfect nail polish color or mascara ? 

HELL to the no ! What kind of crazy woman would do that with the economy the way is it ?

Instead, why don't you try Birchbox ? It's a great makeup company that allows you to receive a box of about 4-5 samples every month. The best part ? It's only $10.00 a month, shipping included ! Did you read that right ?  Yes you did. I said SHIPPING INCLUDED ! 

I've received about 3 boxes so far & got everything from bronzer to nail polish, perfume samples, even little orange scented towelettes !

So seriously, go check it out.

Postcard included in one of my Birchbox Boxes.


Anonymous said…
This sounds really neat! Thx for the tip.
Tattooed Appy said…
No problem, happy you liked the post ! Thanks for commenting :)

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